The opportunity

Many software development organizations, especially those who are successful in the market, are continually looking for the ways to get more out of their team. What was once a great organizational setup over time may become inefficient. What was once a great process to produce software over time may hinder delivery of a consistent high quality product. Inefficiencies have a tendency to build over time.

Projects start to slip. Quality deteriorates. Customers complain. Hidden work starts coming out right before the deadlines.

Eliminating inefficiencies by optimizing the team structure, processes, and the tools used can unlock following opportunities:

  • Higher quality and team throughput
  • Lower cost of development and support
  • Better visibility and control of projects
  • More satisfied customers
  • More satisfied employees

Concero helps its clients capture these opportunities. Leveraging best practices from the Microsoft development in Redmond, and leveraging the work Concero has done with European companies.

Concero methodology

methodologyConcero methodology for optimizing software development teams is called Software Engineering Improvement Program (SEIP). SEIP is the long term project to take the efficiency of the software development teams to the higher level.

The SEIP objective is to increase the profitability and business agility by improving the team’s productivity, quality, and customer and employee satisfaction.

SEIP is based on the three stages - API:

  • Assess – identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritize – prioritize the opportunities and recommendations
  • Implement – implement the changes


AssessmentsConcero software development assessments analyze four key areas: culture and environment, leading teams and projects, design and coding processes, and quality assurance processes.

25 aspects of the development organization are evaluated through 1:1 and group interviews, and the artifact analysis.

The outcome is an analysis of identified strengths, weaknesses and pragmatic recommendations. This is presented and discussed in a management briefing at the end of assessment.

More information: Software Development Assessment [PDF]


Concero offers workshops that help teams adopt software development as well as management best practices. Workshops can be done independently of SEIP, or they can be used during the implementation phase to help with the change management and adoption of the best practices by the team.

Software Development Workshop is a 2-day interactive workshop that discusses some aspects of software development in four key areas: culture and environment, project management, design and coding processes, and quality assurance processes.

More information: Software Development Workshop [PDF]

Management workshop is a 2-day interactive workshop that helps general managers, team leads, project managers identify areas for improving how they lead people, teams, and projects.

More information: Management workshop [PDF]

"It was interesting that Marin's product development team went through similar phases and encountered similar problems and challenges as ours did. Some of his solutions, ideas and recommendations have already given us great results and positive feedback from customers. Highly recommended!"

Zoran Slanič, General Manager
Adacta d.o.o.


Marin Bezic is also available for ad-hoc consulting or continued support to clients looking for ways to optimize their software development teams and processes.

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