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Concero d.o.o. was founded in 2009 with one goal: help organizations optimize their software development teams and processes.

The company was founded by Marin Bezic after his long career in Microsoft, both in the product development side of the company as well as marketing and business management.

Concero works with clients who are looking for ways to continually improve how they develop software so that they can:

  • Reduce the cost of the development
  • Improve the profitability
  • Increase the customer satisfaction
  • Increase their employee satisfaction

Concero helps them by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, recommending pragmatic steps to take their development to the next level of efficiency and quality, and supporting them through implementation of improvements.

"Marin's real-life experience and advice helped us identify several areas for optimization of our development. We are currently implementing few of his recommendations."

Janko Cajhen, CEO,
Comtrade Slovenija

Marin Bezic bio

Marin BezicMarin Bezic, the founder of Concero d.o.o., has been in the software business since 1992. First experience was development of a multidimensional data browser in Lantern Software, a St. Louis based start-up. Hired by Microsoft in 1997, Marin spent 8 years in the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, USA, first as a software design engineer, then as the development manager of the first Microsoft business intelligence product, Analysis Services.

In 2005, Marin makes the transition from software development to marketing and business management and moves to Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters as Business Intelligence marketing manager, and assumes responsibility for increasing Microsoft BI offering market share and mind share. In 2007, Marin moves to Microsoft Central Eastern Europe and drives Microsoft Application Platform product family.

Since 2009, Marin is helping IT development organizations improve their teams and processes leveraging best practices from the Microsoft product development and the industry. Marin's clients are leading regional companies in telecom, finance, and IT industries.

Besides his work with Concero, Marin is also active in academic and entrepreneurial institutions. He teaches Business Intelligence at the Vern' University in Zagreb. He is a member of the University of Rijeka chancellor’s advisory board for the University Information Center. Finally, Marin is one of the project evaluators for the high tech start up incubator at the University of Rijeka.

Marin holds Bachelors and Masters of Science in Computer Science degrees from Washington University, St. Louis, USA.

"We have never had a chance to participate in such a professionaly done workshop led by an instructor with exceptional experience. The concrete results of the workshop give us the confidence and the motivation to implement the recommendations."

Nataša Galijašević, zamjenik IT Direktora,
Raiffeisen Bank, BiH
Raiffeisen Bank

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